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sheLORDS boutique property management

  • It's a sheLEASE  when good tenants and awesome owners come together to achieve their property goals.

  • Matchmaking is easy when you recruit and retain. Ensuring everyone is the right place and in the right frame of mind.

  • Owners want solid returns on their quality investment properties with minimum fuss.

  • Tenants want decent properties at attractive prices to make their home.

  • Equal love, mutual respect and dignity for all.


Latest Listings & Happy Clients


Earth is only ours to rent.

“All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; “ W. Shakespeare.

Landlords/ Captains

Like an uber or shebah driver, a landlord transports a tenant to their next property destination.

Let’s ensure the good ones are lauded yet revealed, educated and fully transparent.

Agents/ Coaches

Like a travel agent a property manager brings the voyage together and attends the unexpected. Be kind. They are only paid in rum.

Let them match those in the right frame of mind to minimize disputes and maximize returns.

T-Force/ Players

Like a troop of soldiers, tenants are travellers, traders, thinkers and sailors who are at various stages of their property journey.

Let’s recruit and retain the good ones as a T-Force that finances this trip.

sheLORDS are here to provide love for landlords and tinder for tenants.

Where property matches and contracts can be made with transparency and respect.

sheLORDS is developing an online rating system. It will be the first public national registry to qualify landlords to give tenants both a home and a voice.  Online forms would be obtained and submitted to the editors of sheLORDS to be legally qualified, ordered and then published. Currently there’s an online ‘Blacklist” tenancy information collection authority and the government has just announced plans to bring out a “Blacklist’ of landlords next year.

sheLORDS will be a positive business tool so that all players can start in the red, rainbow or gold if they like - anything but black!


Lord Lady Captain Temple✶✶✶✶

Mirelle always attended inspections to ask us what we needed. Chocolates for Xmas!

Agent Coach Tahini ✶✶✶✶

Jess was always polite and professional. We had to go to VCAT and won our case!

T-Force Patel ✶✶✶✶✶

The Patel Family were so accommodating when we renovated our investment property. We felt compelled to give them two weeks rent in lieu!

sheLORDS is inn the process of creating & marketing the sheLORDS app.

Let’s change the future of RENT.